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Religious Violence and the Cultural Alienation of North African Youth

Religious Violence and the Cultural Alienation of North African Youth Jun 28, 2014 Written by  Eden Almasude, Guest Contributor Since December 2013, deadly clashes have occurred in Algeria’s central Ghardaia region, breaking the calm tension after Algeria’s recent history of religious violence and civil war in the 1990s. These clashes have been between the Arab-identified Maliki and Amazigh Ibadi communities—religious communities in the region with doctrinal differences. With at least 13 people killed and thousands of Algerian police and gendarmes deployed to the province, the situation in Ghardaia requires attention from a foreign policy perspective, as it points to an underlying issue of religious stability in North Africa. While there are superficial doctrinal disputes between the Maliki and Ibadi groups, the fundamental issues in Ghardaia are ethnic and sociopolitical. Religious violence is not a new phenomenon in the country: the legacy of the Algerian Civil War throughout the 1990s continues to impact politics through the memories and political landscape of the people. This history is inextricably intertwined with the...

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Anti-Amazigh racism

Really, the nerve of this residue of Gaddafi’s system continues to press it into stupidity. While it is not a secret that Abdouldjalil works for the interests of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, he just give moral lessons to those who liberated Libya when he and his CNT ware holed up in Benghazi under the protection of NATO. The stupidity of this individual, who is painfully still struggling to understand that the days of terror is over, pushed him to threaten Imazighen marching “again” peacefully. The Libyans who took up arms to get rid of the monster Gaddafi will certainly not allow themselves be impressed by its “shadow” that is what Abdouldjalil. Unfortunately he is not able to understand what it means freedom for Imazighen. Freedom they have obtained by paying the price of their blood, no one can take it from them. Why does he specifically doing so ? Why all these desperate attempts to stigmatize many Imazighen ? Is Imam Abdouldjalil thinking that he will succeed in dividing the...

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Strubbelingen in het nieuwe Libië

De Berbers van Libië speelden een essentiële rol in de omverwerping van het Khaddafi-regime. De Libische opstand, die begon op 14 februari 2011, mocht in al van in het begin op de hulp rekenen van de Berbers in het westelijke deel van Libië. Krijgen de Berbers nu de erkenning waarop ze rekenen?

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Wikileaks: Iseppunya tbergagen x uzeid ameɣrabi

Ɛawed zi jdid tessufeɣ d Wikileaks řexbar ameqqran x tbergagect n iseppunya x uzeǧid ameɣrabi Moḥemmed wis 6. Ɛlaḥsab Wikileaks aas zegwami ibdan ad bergen niɣ ad cekmen x uzeǧid ameɣrabi. Mmarra manawya imsar, ɛlaḥsab mammec twaran ca n iwdan, imsar řami iruḥ uzeǧid ameɣrabi ɣar sseḥra. Iseppunya arezzun ad ssnen mammec tetxarraṣ lḥukuma tameɣrabect deg umenɣi n sseḥra. Manawya mmarra ɛlaḥsab rexburat id tessufeɣ Wikileaks.

Wikileaks: Iseppunya tbergagen x uzeid ameɣrabi Read More