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Hoe komen jullie toch aan al die boeken? Ik vind ze nooit ergens... maar komt vast omdat ik in Rotterdam woon; wat een aso-stad!

dat heeft er niets mee te maken, ga er naar opzoek!

Dank Yas'Zine..
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Hoe komen jullie toch aan al die boeken? Ik vind ze nooit ergens... maar komt vast omdat ik in Rotterdam woon; wat een aso-stad!

dat heeft er niets mee te maken, ga er naar opzoek!

Dank Yas'Zine..
Graag gedaan.

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I met Ahmed Rami in Marbella, Andalusia, Spain, in the home of the exiled then 82-year-old Major General Otto Ernst Remer.
On first impression their friendship seemed to rest on contradictions. On the one hand there was the tall old German World War Two officer, highly decorated (Knights Cross with Oak Leaves) - wounded eleven times, 48 close combats - the professional German soldier, raised in the Prussian tradition, who had put down the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt on his head of state, Adolf Hitler.

On the other hand, there was former tank lieutenant of the Moroccan army, Ahmed Rami, son of a proud but poor Berber sheik, who as a young officer wished to depose his head of state, King Hassan of Morocco, in the spirit of Swiss folk hero William Tell.

A closer comparison of these so different personalities reveals their similarity: Resistant to all temptations, both are incorruptible idealists who have no understanding for the material rules of the "western consumer society" game. Chivalrous, and at all times prepared to serve the good as did once Don Quichotte, they are prepared to sacrifice themselves for their people's cause.

A strong code of honour marked their actions and both wished to serve their people, the one in 1944 and the other in 1972.

Remer knew that on 20 July 1944 the majority of Germans supported Hitler, that is, his regime was legitimate.

Ahmed Rami was convinced that the King of Morocco was a puppet of the jewish power and of the CIA who unashamedly exercised power against his people. State power was therefore illegitimate.

Remer defended his head of state as he was attacked, and Rami attacked his head of state whom he was called on to defend. Both were motivated by a love for their countries and the loyalty for their peoples.

It is the first of two messages in this book.

There are situations where the soldier must make a choise betwen duty to defend the head of stat and the duty to defend his peuple.

A soldier, like any citizen, is bound to serve his people (democracy), and so also to the executive power of his state, as long as this power's legitimacy emanates from the sovereignty of the people. If, however, the government acts against the will of its people, then it is every soldier's duty to resist such power.

Wherever an illigimate regime which harms its people by retaining power through violence and oppression, cunning and deception, then it is the duty of the armed forces of that country to oppose such government. Such a criminal form of government needs to be arrested by the armed forces and put before the country's courts of law.

And this is the second message of the book: At a time in which the "American" world order has declared war against the self determination of peoples, and by means of its international monetary system and media hegemony, prevents the peoples of Africa, Europe and Asia, to achieve unison within their national boundaries respective peoples. Each country cannot alone liberate itself. The global threat to nations, their people (democracy) can only be realized globally.

The rights, for instance, of the Albanians, Hutus, Tutsis, and Palestinians: all need to be a part of all humanity´s struggle. All resistant peoples should see each other as natural allies.

Hatred, force and ethnic cleansing never originate where self-determination, freedom and justice are guaranteed.

The jewish power´s empire has during a past one hundred-year war period opposed national self-determination. With its controlled U.S government it has totally dominated and oppressed the people of the United States. Through its international monetary system, with the aid of the media hegemony, it has now become a deadly danger for all peoples through the world.

This danger, which in its own nature is a global one, can thus only be defeated globally.

The white man, the black man, the yellow man and the red man must unite globally against the international jewish money power.

A Moroccan from the Atlas Mountains who fights for the self-determination of Palestinians as well as for the free speech of Germans, is our teacher, if he attacks those who put themselves above peoples.

Ahmed Rami will always fight for the rights of political prisoners and the persecuted, such as Faurisson, Remer, Walendy, Deckert, Kemper, Lachout and countless others.

The artistic nature of Rami's language is that of the Koran itself. After all, as a child from Atlas Mountains, he was steeped in it.

Listen to the story of the barefooted boy who emerged from the valleys of the high Atlas Mountains, assured of his message, then onto the road for Casablanca, there to learn to read and write.

From poverty to become an incorruptible freedom fighter, and whose exiled voice gives hope to his people. And now I invite Ahmed Rami to speak.


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Ahmed Rami beweert ook dat Hassan2 zijn eigen vader Mohamed V (wat zijn vader niet eens is) heeft vermoord. Ik citeer:

"Ar you then saying that Hassan II murdered Mohamed V, his own father?"

"Yes, but in fact Hassan is not the real son of Mohamed V. He is only a bastard. Until now nobody had revealed it because It comprised the few who knew of the secret, but after the elimination of DImi everything has changed. Now I can tell the truth about the origin of Hassan. DIlmi himself explained it to me some months before his death. In actual fact Hassan II is Glaoui's son, the man who was Pasha in Marrakesh and collaborator with the French at the time of the Protectorate. At the end of 1925 Glaoui offered to Mohamed V, who was Sultan, a beautiful slave but he didn't tell him she was already pregnant. Six months later that woman gave birth to a child who Mohamed V decided to adopt as If he were his own. It was Hassan II. The secret was always jealously guarded within the Court, in spite of the fact that Hassan Is the image of Glaoui, something one realizes by merely comparing their two photographs. The truth only became known many years later. In 1961, when Hassan, who was a very ambitious young man asked Ben Barka (at that time mathematics teacher in the Royal Palace and President of the Consultative Council) to persuade Mohamed V to name him hereditary prince, a title that until then didn't exist. That caused a family feud as Moulay Abdallah who was the King's real son ulso aspIred to the throne. But Hassan finally got his way. The following step was to get rid of Mohamed V. He took the opportunity during a surgical operation and DImi told me exactly how it happened. The very day of the operation Hassan met with the four officers who formed the Army General Staff, the generals Gharbaoui, Madbouh, Oufkir and DIlmi, and told them he knew the King was preparing a coup d'Etat against the Army and that he planned to return power to a civilian government. He hadtherefore decided to act quickly. A doctor, specially brought from Switzerland, would administer special sedative during the operation and Mohamed V would never awake from the anaesthetic. "When the moment comes", he told them, "I will make sure that nobody enters the operating chamber and I myself shall disconnect the oxygen tubes. But don't believe I murder my own father, I am not Mohamed V's son1 my true father is Glaoui. If I act thus it is for love of the Army and only you will know the secret. If this should ever leak out I shall know with certainty that one of you has spoken."

"And so it was that after the doctors had begun the operation Hassan placed the SSS men on watch at all the doors. Then he came Into the operating theatre alone and was there some five minutes disconnecting the oxygen tubes. After an hour he came back with the Swiss doctor and confirmed that Mohamed V was already dead and had seven doctors called to certify the death. Following this he proclaimed himself King. Now the four officers who took part in the preparatory meeting of the plot are dead. The four died at the same age, at 52, and were murdered inside the Royal Palace. It's all true but It seems a Shakespearian story."

Interesting text man, though we got to take it with care. However, I feel like it shows the way to reach the truth of that unfair regime.

Here is a short text from a moroccan newspaper:

Le protégé protecteur
1907. "Les notables montent   une vitesse vertigineuse, mais perdent tout aussi vite leurs biens, quand ils ne sont pas séquestrés", décrit l’historien Mohamed Kenbib. Les Glaoua, puissants guerriers du Haouz, chefs de tribus berbères Imzwarn, détenant des mines de manganèse et de sel, obtiennent de la France pré-coloniale le statut de protégés. Artisan de la destitution du roi Moulay Abdelaziz, le caïd Madani El Glaoui (41 ans) est promu grand vizir, et son frère cadet Thami (28 ans) pacha de Marrakech. Pas pour longtemps, puisque ces privilèges sauteront avant la signature du protectorat. Durant les premières années de la colonisation, le jeune Thami El Glaoui passe, aux yeux de Lyautey, pour le "pacificateur" des tribus rebelles du Sud. Il est le "dompteur" de dissidents comme El Hiba et l'auteur de harkas décisives qui lui ont valu une série de médailles qu’il arbore avec fierté et des dotations d’armes considérables négociées au prix fort. En 1918, alors que son frère meurt, Lyautey le nomme "chef de la famille", le réinstalle pacha de Marrakech et l’introduit auprès de personnalités françaises influentes, dont Philippe Pétain et Marcel Boussac. El Glaoui règne alors sur le Haouz, mais lui échappe tout le Telouet (jusqu’  Ouarzazate), tenu par son neveu Hammou, un caïd plutôt anti-français. Incapable de chasser cette tête de turc, il devra attendre sa mort en 1934, pour y placer son fils aîné, Brahim, né (justement) de sa concubine turque, Lalla Kamar Torkia. Entre temps, il sait se rendre utile jusqu’au Rif, dépêchant en 1926 plus de 1000 soldats en expédition pour évincer Abdelkrim, qu’il envie en privé. Une année auparavant, rapporte Gavin Maxwell, il dira   Lyautey qui repart, "peu importe qui vous succédera, vous resterez toujours mon maître". Il lui est reconnaissant, explique Kenbib, de "faire appel   lui pour faciliter la mise en place du protectorat et par l  même conforter les structures traditionnelles du Makhzen". Du statut de protégé, il devient l’un des piliers du protectorat.

Follow the rest here for french readers:

The history is consistent with the oral tradition of my people (Aït Glawa, Telouet): the regime is a manipulation made by the French regime to master the power which was scattered everywhere due to Tamazight traditions.
I'm sorry but we moroccan people seem so dumb with this serious crap of allegeance to Hassan II and so on: we have to be straightforward and simply admit that the regime in Morocco has been erected as the one of Mubutu in ex-Zaïre ... by France's evil intentions.
Last time I made a quick text criticising Morocco's leadership, I quickly received some furious objections: most of it saying "it is against the Constitution to ...".

These guys are funny, but sometimes irritating: there are plenty of these programmed hypocrites ... before reaching revolution.
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Het viel mij op dat Hassan2 LSD slikte. Dat is ontworpen door de cia als wapen in de strijd om mind-control. Timothy Mc Veigh die de oklahoma building opblies was een proefkonijn van een geheim LSD-project van de CIA (algemeen bekend)

was toch een geheim van een geheimedienst? hoe is dat kunnen bekend worden?

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Er staan een hoop dingen die een goede kijk geven op de rol van Hassan2, zoals dat maroc werd geregeerd door cia en de joden, en dan hassan eigenlijk geen macht had, maar meer gestuurd werd door die 2 partijen.

Ahmed Rami was convinced that the King of Morocco was a puppet of the jewish power and of the CIA who unashamedly exercised power against his people. State power was therefore illegitimate.