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obama is de dajaal?

ben jij gek ofzo de dajaal is al lang geboren.. hij is nu op een eiland dat niet op de kaart staat ergens vlak bij aziie

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Dat eilandje tegenover alhoceima het moet hem wel zijn :P

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Jullie dagen zijn geteld. Adikhdar anti-kraist adi izuzaae vavath*oum.
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Obama kan een kleine Dajjaal zijn. Onze Profeet (vzmh) zei namelijk dat er 1 grote Dajjaal zal komen en meerdere kleinere.

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De Skull & Bones bijnaam van papa Bush = Magog

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Abd Allah ibn 'Oemar zei: De Profeet (vzmh) stond op en sprak de mensen toe: "Ik waarschuw jullie voor hem; er is geen enkele Profeet die zijn mensen niet voor hem gewaarschuwd heeft - Zelfs Noach waarschuwde zijn mensen voor hem. Maar ik zal jullie iets vertellen wat geen enkele andere Profeet zijn mensen heeft verteld. Jullie moeten weten dat de Dajjal eenogig is, en Allah is niet eenogig."

Geloof het nou maar...dit is kennis van de bovenste plank. Het enige jammere is dat mensen bij het lezen niet nadenken en nemen dingen klakkeloos aan. Bijvoorbeeld Dajjal is eenogig en Allah is niet eenogig....nee...hoeveel ogen heeft allah dan?

Er is nog veel meer onzin in die hadieth: zie hieronder

Allah has limbs and organs just like us—the human beings, which He had created with His own hands. Here are those two verses which confirm that Allah is truly anthropomorphic.

YUSUFALI: (He is) the Creator of the heavens and the earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves, and pairs among cattle: by this means does He multiply you: there is nothing whatever like unto Him, and He is the One that hears and sees (all things). [042.011]
YUSUFALI: The Day that the shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration, but they shall not be able,- [Q 068.042]

Ali Dashti continues:

Allah is anthropomorphic! According to Ghazali, Mutazillites were infidels and heretics. Allah will step down from His throne—said Ghazali.(Dashti, 1994, p. 157).

Sourcing Imam Ahmad b. Taymiya, one of the highest among the Islamic scholars, Dashti further writes that he (Ibn Taymiya) repudiated Ghazali (the most celebrated Islamic scholar—many Muslims consider Ghazali’s work as next to the Qur’an) who did not have a clear idea about Allah—believing that Allah is not a physical entity. Ibn Taymiya even called Ghazali a heretic. Ibn Taymiya strongly believed that Allah is really anthropomorphic! He will step down from His throne! Dashti writes:

Many Moslems, however, have had rigid minds. Such men only accepted interpretations which are confirmed by Hadiths, and they considered any use of reason in religious matters to be misleading and impermissible. They took the above quoted Qur’anic phrases literally and believed that God possesses a head, mouth, eyes, ears, hands, and feet just like those of human being. In the opinion of Abu Ma’mar al–Hodhali (d. 236/850), a preacher in Baghdad, anyone who denied this belief was an infidel. Adherents of the school of the famous traditionist and lawyer Ahmad b. Hanbal (164/780–241/855) have stuck to the same unthinking literalism ever since. The school’s chief later exponent, Ahmad b. Taymiya, was so fanatical that he called the Mo’tazelites infidels and Ghazali a heretic; on one celebrated occasion, after quoting the Qor’an in a sermon, he said to the congregation as he stepped down from the pulpit of the Great Mosque at Damascus, “God will step down from His throne in the same way as I am stepping down from this pulpit.” .(Dashti, 1994, p. 157)

Dashti also writes that Muslim scholars agree that the Qur’an is not a miracle. Al-Maari wrote an imitation of the Qur’an. He writes:

It is widely held that the blind Syrian poet Abu’l‑‘Ala ol‑Maari (368/979–450/1058) wrote his Ketab ol‑fusul wa’‑ghayat, of which a part survives, an imitation of the Qor’an (Dashti, 1994, p. 48).

Here is another proof that Allah is for real and possesses human qualities (anthropomorphic):

Enoch walked with Allah 19:56-57, 21:85-86 (Tabari, 1988, p. 6.42).

Allah walks with human beings (in Paradise, of course)—this is impossible to believe. But look what the Qur’an says!

YUSUFALI: Also mention in the Book the case of Idris: He was a man of truth (and sincerity), (and) a prophet: [Q 019.056]
YUSUFALI: And We raised him to a lofty station. [Q 019.057]

In foot note 55 of volume vi of Tabari we read:

A Prophet mentioned in the Qur’an as “raised to high station “ by God (19:56f, sec 21:85). He is usually identified with the Biblical Enoch (Akhnukh) who “walked with God, and he was not, for God took He” (genesis 5:24).” (Tabari, 1988, p. 6.42).

This means Allah surely has feet, just like humans, to be able to walk with a human being such as Prophet Enoch (Idris).

Further evidence that Islamic God, Allah is a living entity, alive and going about His daily business, like other creatures is glimpsed from a hadith. In Sahih Bukhari we read:

People used to worship Muhammad till he died, Abu Bakr then claimed that Muhammad was dead but if people worshipped Allah then Allah is alive…(Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.733).

Dit is slechts een zeer klein deel. Volgens bepaalde hadieth zal de hel pas vol zijn als Allah zijn voet in de hel zet, en dan zal de hel zeggen genoeg, genoeg! Was het maar waar dat ik dit zou kunnen verzinnen...het staat er echt toch allemaal.