Tell our Leaders to ACT NOW in Lebanon!

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Hoi lieve mensen, even een verzoek. Willen jullie onderstaande petitie invullen, een kleine moeite, het is zo gebeurd:

Dear friends,

As the awful civilian death toll rises above 1000 in Lebanon and Israel, people
around the world are seeking a place to voice their frustration and concern.
Over the last 4 days, 200,000 people from 148 countries have signed the
ceasefire petition. At this rate, we could soon be the largest global online
petition in history.

The pressure is working. The global outcry over this crisis has pushed the
Ambassadors to the UN Security Council to work around the clock to achieve an
immediate ceasefire.

The latest word is that the Council may be close to a final vote today or
tomorrow, but we've been this close before and negotiations have fallen apart.
We need more pressure now to close the deal.

Please forward this email on, spread the word to your friends, family and
colleagues, post a link on your blog, bring up the campaign in discussions, and
urgently encourage people around you to join this global wave of protest by
signing up at the link above

The pressure is working. Let's ratchet it up.

With hope,

Ricken Patel, Ceasefire Campaign