"The Berbers and Islam"

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Een interesant stuk. Lees het door, voor wie het engels beheerst.

Today in America many new followers of Islam experience confusion when choosing which area to examine first. Many devout Muslims believe that the true basis for understanding Islam begins and ends with the study of Mohammed’s life and his creation and writing of the Q’uran under Allah’s direction and spirit. However, the understanding and study of any religion (that will become your way of life) must include the close examination of peoples, history and the influence or spread into other countries. One paramount area of Islam that must be examined is the influence of Islam in other countries. We must consider: With the mass spread of Islam in parts of Africa, exactly how did that occur? Or who was responsible for the transformation of government, politics, and this religion in such an important continent of Africa?



Interesting short essay on the influence and spreading of Islam by the berber dynasty of Almoravides. And above all the modus operandi to spread out the religious contents of Islam.

Thanks for the link.