Algerian Woman in Music.

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An old saying says "Whatever a woman wants, God wants it too"

The Algerian Woman has always refused to be treated as a second class citizen within the Algerian society. She has always fought for her freedom and the freedom of her country. One has only to look back at the famous female figures in the Algerian history, starting with the Berber Princess Kahina who fought the Arabs in the Fifth century. Lets not forget Lalla Fadhma Nath Soummer who was the first female to lead an army of women against the French colonialism in the 19th century. Then during the liberation war, women fought along men to free Algeria.

Unfortunately, these same men they fought with asked women to return to their kitchen. The situation of the Algerian woman has deteriorated since 1962, year of the Independence, and continues to be the same to this day. Since 1992, the Algerian Woman has been the target of all armed factions.

It is through music that the message of women has been communicated even though it was always hard in a field dominated by men.

Besides the RAI, the music of the Algerian Woman has a variety of sounds. The most politically engaged is with no doubt the Kabyle music because of its relation the fight for the Berber Culture. Other styles are those of Chaabi (popular music) from Algiers, the Chawi, Sahraoui, Hawzi and Malouf.

1. Djurdjura pioneer of Female Groups in France.

2. A product of the Algerian Radio Station, Karima's songs are traditional with a modern twist.

3. Massa Bouchafa,a revolutionary berber whose songs echo the pain of her sisters and telling them to never bow down.

4. Malika Domrane with a golden voice, Malika fights for women and their condition.

5. Malyka is a young Algerian living in France

6. Innes Mazal, two new berber voices from Europe

7. Fella. Raised in an artistic family, it was not a surprise when Fella started singing.

8. Naima is Fella's sister and like her, she followed her father's steps into the music world.

9. Fadhila Dziriya, from an early age. Entertained audiences with music from her native Algiers.

10. Warda al Jazairia is one of the greatest singers in the Arab world. She was born in Paris' Quartier Latin of an Algerian father, Mohammed Ftouki and a Lebanese mother.
Warda al Jazairia - The Rose of Algeria - has always brought joy and pleasure, through her art and her voice, to her many fans and admirers across the Arab world and beyond.

11. Hassiba Amrouche. Having made a name for herself in the classical Arabic singing, this is Hassiba's first CD in her native tongue, Kabyle


Ik ken ze bijna allemaal, behalve Fadhila Dziriya en Fella. Weet iemand wie ze zijn?
Algerijnse muziek trekt mij, ook al versta ik er niet veel van. Maar ze hebben stuk voor stuk prachtige nummers. En ze zijn sterk!