Groupe Yzorane

Gestart door Sabadilla, 29/04/2006 om 15:20:56


Kent iemand ''Groupe Yzorane'' ?
Weet iemand of ze mischien een cd uitgebracht hebben?

YZORANE is a homage to our mothers. YZORANE will be held at the rate of one day with its moments of awakening, intense activities, meditation, rest and festivals. I cannot imagine YZORANE without the presence of the four elements necessary to life in these hard and rough mountains: water, earth, fire and air.

YZORANE will be one convivial moment which will leave with each one the pleasure of tasting with savours of these songs which appear of a very great musical diversity: calls, tournaments, songs of festivals, lullabies... These voices chaouies or kabyle (Aurès or Kabylie in Algeria), Riffian or from the High-Atlas (Morocco) will be accompanied by two instrumentalists: one percussionnist, the other flutist.

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