Marokko arresteert 17 radicale Moslims

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Rabat, Nov. 21 - Moroccan law enforcement services have dismantled a 17-member terrorist cell before it was fully structured, comprising radical Islamists that have connections with groups working at the borders of Iraq and having close ties with leaders of Al Qaida, police sources said Sunday.

Since March 2005, law enforcement services have been tracking Moroccan national Khaled Aziq, former theology student in Syria, who was frequently traveling to and from Turkey and Syria, the same sources said.

The same sources noted that Khaled Aziq, who entered the kingdom in June 2005, was joined on September 29 by another suspect, Moroccan born Belgian Mohamed R'ha, who stayed in Syria and had close ties with Maghreban Islamists in Europe.

Part of their mission in the kingdom, the same sources added, Khalid Aziq and Mohamed R'ha recruited several individuals with extremist ideas.

The two individuals established contact with former Afghan Moroccans, including two people formerly detained in the American Cuba-based Guatanamo base who were released on bail in Morocco, Brahim Benchekroun and Mohamed Mazouz, that embraced their projects.

The seventeen people involved in the project were arrested and will be prosecuted.

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Rabat, Nov. 25 - The seventeen islamists that were arrested mid-November were planning to bomb American and Jewish interests in Morocco, reported the French presse agency (AFP) on Friday, quoting police sources.

One of the main suspects, Moroccan-born Belgian national, Mohamed Reha, 18, told the police that some Moroccans and Algerians, linked to Al Qaida, were planning to "bomb American and Jewish interests especially in Tangier (north) and Essaouira (south-west)," as well as "representatives of the impious and infidel Moroccan authorities," said the same source