Only technical problems hinder generalization of Berber teaching, institute chai

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Only technical problems hinder generalization of Berber teaching, institute chairman

RABAT, Mar.10 - Only technical difficulties are hindering the Berber language teaching in all Moroccan schools, said chairman of the Royal Institute for the Amazigh culture, Ahmed Boukous, brushing aside allegation on poor will from the education department.

Boukous stressed in an interview published Thursday by "Liberation" daily that only technical problems related to school manuals and the training teachers and inspectors, dismissing allegations that the national education department is showing poor will.

He explained that poor coordination with the company in charge of printing the material and with various regional academies are behind the problems encountered in the two last years.

After recalling the convention signed by the institute and the communication ministry, he insisted that the Institute is granting utmost importance to the audio-visual sector which, he contended, reaches a large portion of the population and allows to bring awareness to the Amazigh culture.

The media should allocate a decent place to the Amazigh language, we will no longer accept folklore broadcasts, he went on.

The Amazigh language is presently taught in 350 schools at a pace of three hours per week by 800 teachers to some 25,000 children, said Boukous who argued that cultural rights claims are a global phenomenon resulting from the tide of uniform, single and standardizing model.

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Maar wat zijn die 'technische problemen' precies? Het is een nogal vaag begrip.


Morocco has a lot of technical problems! not just for teaching Thamazight.
They are poor in material. Because they spend a lot of their money in bulding castles inside and outside of the country.
Knowledge and education is important to  let the people be develop and on that  way they can create  an own independent status. 
The Morrocan authorities know that also! Only they want to keep the people dumb and poor.  That  only some of them get s  the entry over knowledge and power.  The whole Amazigh are is suppresses in the years and centuries, falsifies abuses made, and ridiculous.  So that also Imazighen self begin to feel ashamed over their identity.  Thamazight ibecame a less spoken in towns.  The territory where former tamazight spoken became is shrinking.  The Arabists elites use all sorts of means to destroy our Imazighen ideas and culture.  They are always fearful for us.  They seek all sorts of manners  to hunt us a way ,and make us at their subordinates.  They want us to work for them.  They want to give us the instructions only !.  Somewhere in the country (the south)  they are  succeeded. 
But in the north (RIFLAND), they have still trouble with.
Freedom and democracy is to far for us. We will get our equal. and we will  defeat them.  And we become the superseded spikes. believe in yourself and in your Amazigh beeing!!


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Maar wat zijn die 'technische problemen' precies? Het is een nogal vaag begrip.

Volgens mij bedoelen ze het feit dat ze de dialecten samen willen voegen om zo één Taal (algemeen beschaafd Tamazight) te creëren en daarmee te onderwijzen.