Berber or Libyan (Nikko)

Gestart door Lezer, 04/04/2010 om 18:16:15


Nechao was of Berber origin, but modern Orientalists and Egyptologists avoid this term because it is supposed to be politically incorrect ( ! ); they therefore keep using the term found in Manetho´s Aigyptiaka, namely "Libyan" dynasty.

This is absolutely ridiculous because the term Libya had a very different connotation in the Antiquity, and only today it is confusingly associated with the colonial state of Libya. In the Antiquity, the Ancient Greek name Libya originated from Lebu, an Ancient Egyptian name of one Hamitic, Berber ethnic group that lived throughout North Africa. It is therefore imperative to name the 26th dynasty of Egypt "Hamitic Berber" (not ´Libyan´) in order to avoid falsifications of colonial character.