Genealogy highlight according to Ibn Khaldun

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May I allow myself to share with you a link which had itself been shared by a remarkable contributor?

It's based on the work of Ibn Hazm, whom Ibn Khaldun had both criticised and quoted for his work (Muqadima).

It's hereunder:



I've read some parts of Ibn Hazm's book "The ring of the dove" (De ring van de duif), but that was all about romantic love.
What does this article state? Just few people here understand French. Can you give us some translation in brief?


Azul VerbalSmaeel,

Ibn Khaldun based his work on Ibn Hazm's, but afterwards this genealogy remains a work of Ibn Khaldun.

I shared this link here with you, despite you're dutch speakers, mainly for the pure genealogical content which can easily be understood using the imbricated hierarchisation (numbers).


1.2 Masmoda (Maroc)
   1.2.1 Barghwata (Maroc atlantique compris grossièrement entre l’Oued Bou Regreg et l’Oued Tensift)
      1.2.2 Rhomara (Rif occidental et central) Banou Hamid Mtiwa Banou Nal Aghsawa Banou Ouzarwal Majkassa
      1.2.3 Ahl Jabal Darn

That is here what I would call the "substance".

Along with this substance are a few indications in FR: particularly the first paragraph must be understood because it talks about the farthest ancestor, Barnos. The  rest is of lower interest but I'll translate it later.