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Zeldzame opnames van Cadi Caddour

ou really can’t imagine how happy I become each time when I sit down and watch this recording of our brother Cadi Caddour. I had a chance at that time to buy a camera to record. I find it still strange that no movie archive exists of Cadi Caddour! I am happy to share it with you and the whole world. Please listen carefully to his words and his vision. I hope I can surprise you and with more recordings of other Imazighen active at that...

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Religious Violence and the Cultural Alienation of North African Youth

Religious Violence and the Cultural Alienation of North African Youth Jun 28, 2014 Written by  Eden Almasude, Guest Contributor Since December 2013, deadly clashes have occurred in Algeria’s central Ghardaia region, breaking the calm tension after Algeria’s recent history of religious violence and civil war in the 1990s. These clashes have been between the Arab-identified Maliki and Amazigh Ibadi communities—religious communities in the region with doctrinal differences. With at least 13 people killed and thousands of Algerian police and gendarmes deployed to the province, the situation in Ghardaia requires attention from a foreign policy perspective, as it points to an underlying issue of religious stability in North Africa. While there are superficial doctrinal disputes between the Maliki and Ibadi groups, the fundamental issues in Ghardaia are ethnic and sociopolitical. Religious violence is not a new phenomenon in the country: the legacy of the Algerian Civil War throughout the 1990s continues to impact politics through the memories and political landscape of the people. This history is inextricably intertwined with the...

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Tafsut Imazighen in Utrecht

Ter gelegenheid van de viering van Tafsut organiseert Vereniging Syphax op 27 april 2013 een culturele activiteit met tentoonstelling, lezing en muziek, Vanaf 14:00      -Expositie van de schilderijen van Boujamaa Maghnouji Vanaf  18:00     –  Amazigh : Presentatie van zijn nieuwe boek .                          Mohamed Ayoubi:   Tihuja ´de vertelcultuur in de Rif.                          Chacha:  Izran, het traditionele Riffijnse Lied                          Abttoy:  Amazigh Schilderkunst                          Choukri Uit Amsterdam                          Ba-Rachid                     Adress : cartesiusweg 11  3534 BA  Utrecht                    Contact :   tel:  06 17332680        entreegeld 5...

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