Anti-Amazigh racism

Really, the nerve of this residue of Gaddafi’s system continues to press it into stupidity. While it is not a secret that Abdouldjalil works for the interests of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, he just give moral lessons to those who liberated Libya when he and his CNT ware holed up in Benghazi under the protection of NATO.

The stupidity of this individual, who is painfully still struggling to understand that the days of terror is over, pushed him to threaten Imazighen marching “again” peacefully. The Libyans who took up arms to get rid of the monster Gaddafi will certainly not allow themselves be impressed by its “shadow” that is what Abdouldjalil. Unfortunately he is not able to understand what it means freedom for Imazighen. Freedom they have obtained by paying the price of their blood, no one can take it from them.

Why does he specifically doing so ? Why all these desperate attempts to stigmatize many Imazighen ? Is Imam Abdouldjalil thinking that he will succeed in dividing the Libyans and then he can control the situation in the same way as the deposed despot did ? He believes so much that he lets himself go, carried away by the momentum of his fantasies, totally unsafe to comments about the Amazigh people. Yes, the man with the zebiba [1] dare to speak, during such telephone interview, that the Imazighen have integrated into the Libyan society !!!!… What a joke is ? He is so stubborn that he does not want to understand that Imazighen are at their home and this land is THEIRS.

Ah ! Abdouljalil has learned well the lessons lavished by the Arab-Muslim regimes : instead of listening to the protesters, they should be accused of being manipulated, responding to the agendas of foreign forces harmful to the interests of the country. The conspiracy theory found as an… excuse by mafia-like regimes has often worked ! This is in fact something else that Mr. Abdouljalil does not take into account. Indeed, this card has been so served to all sauces by the regimes whenever there was talk of their interests that the Amazigh people is almost overdosed. In Libya today, it is unlikely that this “dish” still happening, despite attempts to improve the recipe…

Whoever forgot to resign after a total liberation, as he had promised, will sow discord among the Imazighen (a practice that should not be so strange to him by the way !). Thus, Mr. Abdouldjalil “analyses”, in his spare time, when not working his zebiba, and distinguishes “good Amazigh” and “bad Amazigh”. For he says, among the Imazighen there are good ones, those who agree with him, and bad ones as they do not agree with him and they denounce the government of the NTC. The level of analysis is very high as we can see !

After analyzing the situation, Mr. Abouldjalil intends, as a good professional, a set of action. He poured straight into the threat in terms scarcely veiled, and promises punishment to those who demonstrate in Tripoli. It is well known, when we disagree, we force the silence (Here it is another recipe that works well in North Africa !). Just that this time it is necessary for Abdouljalil to have the means of such policy. Because, unlike when he was still serving Gaddafi, this time the balance of power, especially in Tripoli, is more favorable to the Imazighen …

This umpteenth derive of interim president of NTC helps to widen the gap between Imazighen and NTC and its provisional institutions. It is time to stop the damage before the situation will became irreparable for the Libyan society.

Abdouldjalil had better to do, before finally disappearing from the landscape and to retire, to request apologize to the Libyans for taking part in the horrors they suffered during the reign of Gaddafi and his cronies. Redaction

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